Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate Right Now

September 6, 2016
By Zack Poelwijk
Increase Your Website's Conversion Rate Right Now

Conversion rate is the percentage of users who take a desired action on your website. For many ecommerce sites it relates to completed purchases. For service-oriented sites, conversion rate could mean the percentage of people who download an item, make a phone call or sign up for a newsletter. Whatever metric you track, a high conversion rate depends on various factors that encourage the site visitor to complete the desired action. Increase your website’s conversion rate right now with these 4 action items.

Check Your Metrics

Dig into your site’s analytics to uncover how long people are staying on your site, which pages they are visiting while there and what page they drop off from. For instance, visitors may abandon their cart before the payment page. Look at your bounce and exit rates for the first step in making sense of your conversion rate.

Evaluate Your CTAs

On every page, tell your users what they should do next. Your language should always guide the user toward the action you want them to take. The “take action” link or button should look more important than other links.

Try Split Testing

Sometimes a small tweak significantly improves conversion rates. For example, measure the use of a red button in effectiveness to a green button. Or, change the CTA from “Click Here” to “Download Now.” Make one small change on your site at a time and observe your statistics to see if it makes a difference.

Reduce or Remove Risk

If you haven’t had a chance to build trust with the people you’re courting as potential customers, they may be hesitant to complete whatever transaction you’re offering. Giving them some sort of guarantee can be the psychological boost your customers need to complete the deal. Try making it clear that there is no risk to the buyer through 30-day money back guarantees, free shipping or easy returns.

Increase your website’s conversion rate by trying out these simple things, and track your analytics to see if it makes a difference. It might not be realistic to expect an overnight change, but you can start things moving in the right direction.

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