How I Build 8 Figure Sales Funnels

…and how you can maximize the profitability of your digital marketing

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Leverage the best parts of each ad platform

We build sales funnels across multiple ad platforms meaning we can max our reach and our impact. 

Some programs only teach you one ad platform… we teach the entire sales funnel.

Get Expert advice and hands-on support to build Highly Converting Sales Funnels for Your business

…PLUS weekly support calls, exclusive community access, and the strategies used by elite digital marketers


Every day you’re on the grind watching your bank account… sweating it out trying to close the next person who walks in the door. You spend so much time thinking about money and how to close the customer right in front of you, it’s like chasing your tail.

Then there’s the problem of quality of clients. If you struggle with customer acquisition, you’re willing to take any business that walks in the door. It encourages you to do things like offer discounts and lower your price to be competitive.

But going down that road will only ever bring you cheapskate clients. It starts a cycle that’s hard to break where you keep undercharging to bring in new clients. But it keeps you from unlocking further profitability and truly growing your business.

What I’m offering you today is to learn how to break out of that cycle. How to bring in great clients willing to pay you what you’re worth. It will allow you to start a new cycle. A cycle in which you charge more for your services and gain the resources to refine and improve your services. It will give you the freedom to build the business you’ve always dreamed of. 

After you enroll, I’m going to teach you everything you need to know about building killer sales funnels. Sales copy, Facebook and Google Ads, Emails, Retargeting, Customer Psychographics… All that and much more is all included!

Who Is This For?

Digital Marketers, Agencies, and Freelancers who…

Sales Funnels In Action

My clients and I have built sales funnels that generate millions of dollars for our businesses. We’re able to easily multiply our profit margins over what traditional advertising can do.

Just so you know I’m not messing around though, let me show you what a few of my clients are up to…

This client is tracking to do a quarter mill this month…

This client has a $10.69 ad spend per $1,597 product sold!

$4.46 Cost per purchase for a $79 product… and over a $85 average cart total.

Coaching leads with over a 71% conversion ratio!

Not a lot of action on this campaign yet but $0.28 for $347 software. $0.28 CENTS PER Purchase!

Another campaign for a $79 product… over 10,000 conversions for $33.55 each to a cold audience!

This ONE campaign has done over $1.13 million in sales.

These are just a few examples of ad campaigns our clients are running.

Hi. I’m Shaylor Murray.

Back in 2006 when I started my agency I struggled with sales. I studied sales but hated networking, one-on-one meeting, and pushy sales techniques. But unless you know better, what are you gonna to do?

I know what it’s like to chase prospects, trying to close just one more deal to keep the lights on… I did it the hard way… and I also lost my car. And my marriage fell apart…

I feel like that’s a common struggle for an entrepreneur… you’re your own boss but your at the mercy of the time you put into making sales.

But then I finally figured out what I’m going to show you today… How to build automated, highly converting sales funnels.

My marketing career has spanned 20 years. And back when I started, it was barely possible to even build a modern sales funnel like we build them now. Now we can build them in just a few hours. It use to take us MONTHS! It was a lot more work than it is now… We’re gonna give you some shortcuts so you can get started right away.

Now I manage millions of dollars in digital advertising. And my agency has an awesome track record for generating high return on ad spend. Now attracting high-paying, high quality clients is a breeze.

Sales funnels have TOTALLY changed the way I look at business. I’ve since opened several other businesses including the largest locally owned coworking space and business incubator in the state.

Sales funnels have also had a dramatic effect on my personal life.

I’m not one to brag but just to share with you where I’ve come from and where I’m at I’ll tell you, I remarried to an amazing woman, Aloma, we own multiple investment properties and I’ve pretty much bought all my dream cars. My kids are well provided for and Aloma and I get to help others who are less fortunate.

Giving back to the community is really important to us, and we have the resources to do it!

Building sales funnels lets you acquire better customers and outperform your competition.

They let you lead the life that you want to lead. 

Imagine for a Moment

What your life and business would be like if you…

  • increased the results you provide your clients.
  • earned more per client.
  • had enough work to start raising your rates.
  • scaled up your team.
  • brought in clients that respect your and your time.
  • were making enough to actually take that vacation you’ve been putting off!

Where would you be in 6 months? How about a year? 

Tell me if this story sounds familiar…

When you first launched your business, you never imagined just how intense trying to find and attract high quality, high paying clients would be…

And it seems like no matter how many books you read, how many courses you take, or how many workshops you seem to attend, the systems and strategies never seem to quite work for you and you end up…

… having to hustle hard for each lead – cold calling, spending countless hours on LinkedIn, constantly going to networking events all the time, and praying for referrals…

…spending all your time trying to generate leads and sales INSTEAD of serving your clients and growing your business.

…attracting clients that seem to demand every ounce of you.

It’s an exhausting cycle – one that I’m all too familiar with.

As an entrepreneur and digital marketer, I was constantly following all the “how to’s” and best practice guides but felt like I was spinning my wheels. And when I DID land clients, they usually ended up being highly demanding, under paying clients that drained me even more.

It got to a point where I started resenting my business and seriously considered closing up shop.

I spent years stuck in this cycle. When I finally did break out of it, I closed $60K in new revenue from AMAZING clients in the first few weeks. I’ve gone on to rapidly scale my businesses.

The dynamic shift I made in my business allows me to ATTRACT ideal clients TO ME instead of chasing them.

And the shift that allowed me to make this happen was extremely simple and easy to implement when you know how. I’ve used my approach with great success to help a variety of clients in a variety of different business.

Now, I’ll teach you exactly how I build multi-million dollar sales funnels for my businesses and my clients.

Sales Funnel Mastery

 An exclusive monthly membership featuring the world’s most comprehensive sales funnel training program 

Including the strategies, tactics, processes, and templates I use every day to build 8 figure sales funnels. 

PLUS weekly support calls with me and my team so you can move quickly and avoid pitfalls.

Exclusive community access so you can network with and learn from other entrepreneurs who are creating sales funnels for their business. 

Our sales funnel library of over 36 sales funnels in over 12 niches.

What's Inside

Sales Funnel Training

($2,975 Value)

A framework that applies to all businesses that is rapidly deployable. We show you how to identify target audiences, pre-qualify customers, and structure ad campaigns and sales funnels. It’s easily customizable to your client’s unique business and your ideal customers. 

 The world’s most comprehensive sales funnel training – from beginner to highly advanced strategies.

Weekly Support Calls

($397 Value each Week)

Stop relying on crappy advice from people who’ve never actually done it for themselves. Our team builds sales funnels EVERY SINGLE DAY. Now we’re your advisers.

Direct support calls each week for building your sales funnels from Shaylor and his team – weekly support calls + 24/7 group support.

Sales Funnel Library

($695 Value)

Put your success on super fast forward by using a proven funnel that we know is working for other businesses in your client’s industry, or look through the library to spark a great idea.

Our library of over 36 proven sales funnels for over 12 industry niches (including dentists, gyms, therapists, and more) grows every month.

Includes ad copy, targeting, funnel sales copy, email scripts, and funnel maps!

Exclusive Community Access

Join a community of like minded professionals using sales funnels to put their business advertising and sales on autopilot.

Plus 2 Additional Bonuses!

(Only Available for a Limited Time)

Turbo Blog Traffic Course

($297 Value)

Learn the proven strategy for driving targeted traffic to your blog for just pennies per visitor. 

Then integrate that traffic with your sales funnel to turn your new blog readers into paying customers. 

Ultimate Sales Copy Formula Book

($37 Value)

Have trouble creating content for your sales pages? 

The Ultimate Sales Copy Formula breaks down exactly how you should construct the content on your sales pages. 

Join Now and Get Instant Access! 

Sales Funnel Training ($2,975 value)

Weekly Support Calls ($347 value each week)

Sales Funnel Library ($695 value)

Exclusive Community Access

BONUS #1: Turbo Blog Traffic Course ($297 value)

BONUS #2: Ultimate Sales Copy Formula ($37 value)

Total Value: $4,351

Let me ask you something.

If all this training program does is…

– Finally make your business profitable… Would it be worth it? Hell yeah!

– Get you motivated to take your business to the next level… Would it be worth it? You bet!

– Get you 3 or 4 high ticket clients a month… Would it be worth it? For sure!

Instead of heading out and trying it the hard way… learn to motivate your target audience to action with compelling offers.

My one-on-one clients have paid thousands of dollars for this same training and coaching.

You can get all the training right now for less than my one-on-one clients pay for just one hour of my time.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll in Sales Funnel Mastery right now!

Get help in a pinch!

Sales Funnel Mastery is like a digital marketing insurance policy.

If you’re struggling with something one of our experts will literally go into your ad account or sales funnel and tell you “this is what’s not working”.

Tap into your very own Dream Team of Marketers at fraction of the price of hiring expensive experts! Less than $10 a day!

Who Are We?

Shaylor Murray

Professional Business Coach and Entrepreneur Shaylor Murray has bootstrapped several multi-million dollar businesses. 

Building his first e-commerce website in 1998 and continuing a career in marketing, he brings over 20 years of digital marketing experience to the table. Shaylor has worked on over 500 businesses in a sales or marketing capacity over his career. 

In the 12 years as Managing Director of the digital agency, Limelight Department, Shaylor has defined and refined universal marketing principles and a proven, quantifiable approach to online marketing and sales.

Zack Poelwijk

Zack has been the Sr. Marketing Consultant at Limelight Department for 10 years and has launched over 200 products and websites for clients.

Zack earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Oregon and went on to manage digital advertising with Yahoo! 

Motivated by helping his clients achieve success, Zack has a strong, honest, and nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic. Zack’s keys to success are to ‘Practice to perform,’ and to treat everyone with equal respect. 

Taylor Nauman

Taylor has worked as a professional copywriter and digital marketer since earning his bachelor’s degree in 2014.

He was personally trained by Shaylor and now designs, builds, and manages sales funnels and ad campaigns for a wide variety of different businesses every day. 

Training Course Breakdown

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We believe in this training so much that we are willing to guarantee performance or your money back.

We guarantee, if you implement what we show you, you’ll improve your profitability over the cost of this program or we’ll give you back the difference in cash.

That means you’re going to make money or you won’t pay a penny for this program.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.