No, I’m not talking about that dream they were having when their alarm went off this morning. What I mean is, have you asked them what their life goal is? Why have they hired you? If you’re a service business, you must be helping them in some way. Sure, there are immediate goals. But what do they REALLY want?

We talk a lot here at Build Your Dream Business about how to answer the questions of what YOUR dream is. It’s the name of our business, after all. But if you’re a coach, a consultant, a real estate agent, the owner of a juice cart or a massage therapist, your clients have dreams too.

How can you help them achieve those dreams? By asking them, it tells them that you’re interested and you care. It gives you a chance to adjust what you’re offering them or how you’re relating to them. When you draw out the hopes and dreams of the people you’re trying to serve, you can truly help them. Knowing their true, long-term goals may alter what service you thought you were providing them.

And, depending on the type of service provider you are, if they don’t have a dream, you can choose not to hire them.

Photo by Neil Bates on Unsplash