Most for-sale services can benefit from this principal…customers like to buy more than one of a thing when they find something they like and believe in. And it really doesn’t matter what you sell . . . haircuts, cold-pressed coffee, carpet cleaning or dog walking. When your customers are making their decisions, give them the option to buy more than one at a time.

You can offer haircuts every two months, daily coffee delivery, quarterly carpet cleaning or dog walking whenever they need it. It’s why the “subscription of the month” clubs and the weekly meal delivery services are so popular right now.

Give them a discount or a bonus of some kind if they make a long-term commitment to you. Your customer no longer has to think about where they are going to go for that service six months from now, because they’ve already chosen you. You no longer have to worry about how many customers you will have six months from now.

Research shows that people make purchasing decisions based on their emotions.

Based on this knowledge, a large part of what motivates consumer purchases is trust. Whether you’re a dentist, a health coach or a website developer, people first want to know that they can trust YOU. Then they’ll consider whether they can trust your services. And if they can trust you? Then you’ve practically already sold them on your services.

Present yourself as a real, trustworthy and approachable human being by including your photo on all of your marketing material, in print and online. People want to associate a real, breathing person with the things that they buy.

I’ve fielded a few phone calls now to our agency from people who have told me that they just wanted to see if someone answers the phone.

First, sell you. Then, sell your products or services.

Understanding The 6 levels in the Customer Awareness Spectrum will allow you to pinpoint where your customers are in their purchase process. They may be in one level, they may be in three or four different levels to varying degree. This can help you craft your copy by considering what information they need to move forward in their purchase decision.

  • Don’t have awareness of a need – level 1
  • Aware of a need but not aware a solution exists – level 2
  • Aware of some solutions but not your specific ones – level 3
  • Aware of your solutions but not of its features – level 4
  • Aware of your features but not convinced or ready – level 5
  • Convinced and ready to buy – level 6

Level 1) Don’t have awareness of a need
This is where inventions live. Products that solve problems nobody’s ever found a solution for. People don’t even know they have a problem. Obviously this presents a marketing problem but it has its advantages, first mover advantage and publicity.

Level 2) Aware of a need but not aware a solution exists
These people have a problem but don’t even know a problem exists. Marketing should be informational in nature, explaining how the solution works. Influencer marketing can be great here as well as going anywhere people with this problem come together. This is where facebook advertising shines.

Level 3) Aware of some solutions but not your specific ones
These people are looking for a solution and considering your competitors or other solutions to their problem. This is what search marketing is for. Building trust and value in your offer is critical here.

Level 4) Aware of your solutions but not of its benefits
These people know who you are but don’t fully understand all the benefits your product or service provides. This is why you have social media and email to keep in touch with prospective clients so you can build long-term value, keep top-of-mind and make it easy to purchase. This way when prospects are ready, they can take action.

Level 5) Aware of some benefits but not convinced or ready
These people just need a reason to buy, have just one objection or are missing just one little piece of info to make a purchase situation. Again, social media and email are instrumental. This can be a good point to solicit feedback from your following or engage them in your next launch.

Level 6) Convinced and ready to buy
This is it, give these people a call to action. These people can be part of your following or maybe out there searching the internet just trying to get in touch with you.