​There’s so much pressure when you sit down to write an advertising piece or blurb for your website, isn’t there? Just google “how to write advertising copy” for gazillions of articles about how the copy has to be JUST RIGHT or you won’t EVER SELL ANYTHING. Well, we know it sucks! What will you do if you NEVER SELL ANYTHING EVER and it’s your copywriting that’s to blame?!

The truth is, the copywriting may be bearing too much of the marketing load. Here’s why…

1. Most people decide on a purchase or to hire a service provider based on a combination of elements. We wrote this last week, that buying a service is more emotional than logical. The customer has your social media, your email newsletters, all the “freebies” you’ve given them over the years (value added downloads or extras), your About page, your advertising, and all of the other content on your website to use to make up their minds about whether to buy from you or not. Are you really worried that the emotional resonance of the paragraph you’re toiling over is lacking and therefore YOU WILL NEVER SELL ANYTHING EVER? Allow your body of work to carry the weight of your products and services. The one thing you’re stressed about writing right now is probably not that important.

2. You want it to be “perfect.”

Here’s how we feel about perfection.

3. You fear sounding silly.

The great thing about the internet is that websites can be changed. Write your product description. Go back to it a couple days later. Ask a colleague or friend to read it over. If you’re not happy with it, change it.

4. ​You hate writing.

This one is legitimately hard to overcome. Some people just don’t enjoy writing. It can be hard to mentally get over starting at a blank screen or blank piece of paper and make any ideas come out. If that’s the case for you, there are website development agencies, like ours, that offer these services. There are also resources for finding freelance writers and editors who can take the information you want to present and craft it into something you can be happy with. Take advantage of these services and reduce the load on yourself for the things you really just don’t want to do. It’s ok!

Here’s what you need to remember….the offer is more important than the words. Make it truly valuable, and offer the customer service that makes people happy, and you’re golden. Maybe even, you’ll come to like copywriting someday!